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Types of Burn Ointments and Benefits

The use of burn ointments can be a solution to deal with burns on the skin. However, do not use it carelessly. Make sure the type of burn ointment that is used in accordance with the severity of the wound, so that the results of treatment are maximum. Burns are skin injuries caused by exposure to temperature or heat, radiation, radioactive, electricity, or chemicals. The degree of burns consists of three levels of severity, wherein damage to the skin tissue and the extent and depth of the wound at each different level. Types of Burn Ointments and their Benefits In first degree burns, the skin is generally not blistered but has inflammation, redness and mild swelling of the skin. While second-degree burns are characterized by pain in the wound, reddened skin, swelling and blistering. While third-degree burns, can cause skin to appear white or black, scorched and possibly numb. To deal with burns, you need to use an ointment that matches the severity: 1. Bacitracin ointment Baci
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Know the Causes and How to Overcome Cantengan Thumb Toe

Sticky toes occur when the middle or corner of the toenail grows into a nearby skin piercing. Although not a serious condition, the toes of the big toe must be treated immediately, so as not to cause infection. Cantengan big toe will make the big toe hurt, swollen, and red. To overcome this, you can do simple maintenance yourself at home. However, it should be noted, this treatment is recommended for cases with a big toe that has not developed into an infection. Various Causes of Cananging Big Toe If you don't maintain good foot hygiene, the risk of getting a big toe increases. However, that is not the only cause. There are several other things that can also cause a big toe toes, including: Cut nails that are not straight or too short. Wear shoes or socks that are too tight. Injury to the toenail, for example due to tripping, bumping or falling on heavy objects. The shape of the nail is curved or wavy. Suffered from a nail fungus infection that causes the toenail to thic

Mother, These Are Answers to Various Questions About Baby Swaddling

Swaddling a baby is believed to make the baby sleep better. But this process must be done properly, Mother. If not, swaddling can actually interfere with the development of the baby. Swaddling a baby has become a habit since the 18th century as a way to keep the baby calm, as when the baby is in the mother's womb. Swaddling a baby makes it avoid the shock reflex disorder that is often experienced by newborns while sleeping. This is the reason why a baby being swaddled becomes easier to sleep. Important Things to Know To keep baby swaddles safe, you need special knowledge and skills. Come on Mother, recognize what needs to be considered when membedong baby: When is the right time to hold a baby? Swaddling a baby should be done on a newborn. Do not do it after the baby is 3-4 months old because it can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). How come the baby refuses to be swaddled? Actually the baby is not refused swaddling. It's just that in the wom